Friday, December 23, 2011

Am I Foolish?

As I type that I can see some of you nodding before I have even finished the question. Brandon and I may be impulsive about cars, frantic trips to California, and needing another dog ASAP, but this time it is all me.

Last night Brandon was lamenting the fact that we can't put presents under the tree. I quickly pointed out that I had, just then, finished wrapping and put the presents under the tree. Won't the boys be into them? He asked me.  Hmm... I hadn't thought of that.

But I left them, because I wanted presents under the tree, and because I was tired of storing them in various places around the house. The presents weren't for them, I'm not that foolish! But I did think it might be a little tempting.

Update: Presents are still there and wrapped. No one has tried to open and re-wrap the presents like my sisters and I did. Oops.

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Michelle said...

They're good boys! We were older and sneakier when we opened our gifts. I think if I put our gifts out before the usual Christmas Eve night scurry, D and L would read me the riot act! It's not a Santa thing, for them it is tradition, and you don't mess with tradition, according to my bossy pants kids.