Friday, October 7, 2011

A Week of Firsts

Jack has been in school for a month now. We've got the routine down, the bus is finally on time, and Jack is still more or less excited for school each day.

This week was filled with one new thing after the other.  All good things, but it made for one very, tired, exhausted boy.

On Tuesday, Jack bought lunch. Not for the first time, but the first time when it wasn't a pre-planned event.  We were late, so I took a chance and sent Jack to school with lunch money. He had chocolate pudding and thought it was the best thing ever.

On Wednesday, Jack had a field trip.  He went to a pumpkin patch, in the rain of course. He had new-to-him rain shoes, not boots because boots are yucky.  His group was called the "Jack-O-Lanterns". He went on a hay ride to a super secret pumpkin patch. And he was back at school in time for third recess.

On Thursday, Jack had a playdate. His first with a friend from school that I did not know.  He went home from school with this boy, and I didn't pick him up until 5:30.  He loved it, I promised we would have his friend over, and then he had a spectacular meltdown at dinner time.

On Friday, Jack participated in his school's Walkathon. He walked 13 laps, again, in the rain! Upon coming home, he told me how many laps he walked and then asked, "Mom, are you proud of me?"

Yes, Jack, I am proud of you.  More then you will ever know.

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