Thursday, October 6, 2011

On Wanting Another Baby

My desire for another baby comes and goes. I know we are not having any more kids, that shipped has sailed. But there are times when I still want another baby.

Recently, Jack has started asking for a baby brother. Why can't we have another baby? We should have 10 babies, and so one.  The other night he asked for an itty-bitty baby.

"Jack, we are not having more babies."
"No, not you, me. I want an itty-bitty baby"
"You want a baby of your own? But they are a lot of work."
"That's okay Mom, I can take care of it. I will make it a milk bottle"
"But babies cry a lot, and they need to be changed, and they don't sleep at night"
"I can take acre of it with your help."
"But, Jack, I've already taken care of three babies, I think I am done."
"But Mom, this baby will never get big. It will stay itty-bitty forever."

Oh, that does sound kind of nice. I do love the itty-bitty baby when it is all squished up like a peanut.


Now, I do want another baby.


Michelle said...

Oh yes. I'd like an itty bitty baby too!

Anonymous said...

I have been experiencing the same pangs, and my little one isn't even two yet. But still, whenever i see a new mom with a baby in a sling, I get so jealous. I want one more, my husband does not. I wonder who will win?

Amy said...

My husband and I had the same conversation after baby #2. I wanted one more and he thought 2 was good. In the end we agreed to one more, but definitely not any more then that!

Stephanie said...

My best friend just had an itty bitty baby last week (well, actually he's 10 lbs, so maybe 'itty bitty' isn't quite the word for him). Since we're not having any more babies either, then it's been so nice to get my baby fix with him. Is there anything sweeter than a squisky snuggly baby? I don't think so!

Alisha said...

Amy, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. I am currently trying to balance in my mind the fact that we're probably (nothing permanent yet) done, but still I love babies, and how do I react to others who 1. have more children than I do and 2. have a baby--that makes me forget the logistics of life with a baby-for a second. So, thanks! Keep coming with the thoughts!