Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Uncomfortable Relationship

I seem to find myself in awkward and uncomfortable relationships frequently. Enough times that I am beginning to ask myself, "What's wrong with me?"

My first year of teaching, I was told to befriend the school receptionist and the school custodian. So I did. To me the custodian was like my grandpa. A friendly, older man, who spoke with a heavy Spanish accent. Ok, that part is not like my grandpa as he's Swedish.  But for 2 years I spoke to this man every day and laughed when I didn't quite understand his stories, and always had a clean classroom. It wasn't until later that I found out that he was not quite as old as my grandpa, in fact he was only in his mid-forties. I'm not sure what I was thinking. And, yes, it was inappropriate to go to coffee with him after he quit working at my school. Again, I thought he was like my grandpa.

Recently, I have become friendly with the bus driver for my son's route. It seemed like a good idea, to know his name (which I actually forgot), be polite even if he is late, and wave good-bye as he pulls away. Little did I know how close we were to become. At first, it was just what's your dog's name? As we discovered we both have corgis. Then it moved into, actually pulling over the bus and showing me pictures of his own corgis. Including the one he recently lost and is still mourning for. Next, it was advice on physical therapy for dogs and maybe even surgery after I shared that Nemo was not doing well.  Now, he is passing me notes regarding a miracle drug on the Internet I should research for Nemo.

All of this, with the exception of the day he pulled over, happens in 30 seconds. Enough time for Jack to walk down the stairs and to the sidewalk. Then with a quick wave, and a "I'll see you tomorrow", he closes the door and drives away.  

I wonder what he will bring me tomorrow?

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Michelle said...

I love meeting a fellow Beagle lover! How lucky you are!