Monday, October 31, 2011

"That's Not a Real Costume"

That is what my oldest said to me after he saw me dressed for our first Halloween party.  I thought I looked pretty good, especially considering the choices I was given for costumes.  A few weeks ago when we were discussing Halloween costumes, Jack asked me what my costume was.

"I'm not sure", I replied, "do you have any ideas?"
"Tinkerbell" Ok, not so bad.
"A Ferry Boat" Wait, what?!
"A Naked Mole Rat" Um, yeah, not going to happen.

I thought maybe he meant a fairy godmother or something, kind of along the Tinkerbell route, so I asked him to clarify what he meant by ferry boat.

"You, know, it's big, white, and fits lots of cars on it."

What a lovely Halloween costume. I would love to go around dressed as a ferry boat!  By the time Halloween came, and I had finished all the costumes for the boys, I was out of creativity for myself. A headband and my old Halloween shirt from last year and I was good to go.

Plus I had to help my spouse with his costume.  On Sunday I came downstairs to find this:

What?! Apparently, after I went to bed my husband decided to begin shortening his beard in preparation for his costume.  Ugh, is all I had to say.

Then at 8:15 on Monday morning, when I should be leaving at 8:30 for work, Brandon asks me to help him transform his sideburns into "star-burns".  That did not work so well. Unfortunately that destroyed his idea for Halloween and we had to improvise.

Well, hello, Ron Swanson.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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Michelle said...

You've got some pretty cute kids! I sure did miss them tonight. Handing out candy is NOT as much fun as trick or treating with the boys! Plus E only got tootsie rolls and dots. Gross!