Thursday, October 13, 2011

Popcorn, Take Two

Tonight my husband was at a meeting. That left me alone to put the boys to bed.  Normally, by this time of night, I'm in my sweat pants laying on the couch - or at least wanting to be.  But tonight it fell on me to do the bedtime routine for all the boys.

So I decided to do a special treat for snack. Something out of the ordinary to give us all a boost. I made popcorn.  Microwave popcorn, because I was short on time, and I had just finished cleaning up the kitchen.  We also decided to read stories on my bed, where we could all snuggle up together.

I walked into the boys' room and said to Finn, "I made popcorn!"

Finn froze, his arms went at his side and his hands balled up into fists. He visibly started shaking. "Fire, mom, fire!".

Um, okay, I may have permanently scarred my son with my last popcorn making endeavor. Finn was the one who Brandon threw at me as he grabbed the pan of flames and ran outside.

I quickly explained to Finn that I made the popcorn in the microwave. No fire.

Once settled on our bed with the bag of popcorn, and a pile of books, Finn says: "Mom, make fire?"

Only once did I start a fire in the house.  My boys already know that I am not a good driver, now do they think that I can't even make popcorn without burning down the house?!



Michelle said...

That is so funny! We are out of popcorn here and that is not funny at all. I love popcorn in the evening!

Lisa said...

OMG! That's so funny! Reminds me of a fire in Michelle's house long ago when a young David hid inside his sleeping bag to be safe! :) I don't think David is scarred from it-Finn will be okay! :)