Thursday, October 20, 2011

The One Where I Apologize to Everyone

First, I have to apologize to Nemo for assuming it was his poop on the living room floor. In my defense, it did not occur to me to even question who the 'pooper' was. Your tack record speaks for itself. I also apologize for sending you outside and leaving you there, when you were barking to be let back in. Lastly, I apologize for referring to you as "dumb dog" while I cleaned up the mess.

Second, I apologize to Brandon for yelling, "Whose else would it be??!!" when he asked the not-so-obvious question.

Third, I apologize to Micah who found the poop accidentally when he stepped on it. I also apologize for not checking your hands after you came to tell me about the poop.

But, I do not apologize to Finn. The actual culprit in this disgusting tale. The one who managed to unfasten his diaper, but leave it on, as to give the illusion of being clean and contained. You, I do not apologize to. Especially as you still firmly blame Nemo for the poop on the floor. Even after it very obviously came from you.  

Last, I apologize to you, dear readers for reading this post.  But that was my morning and I had to share.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Poor Nemo! But I would have done the same thing. I never would have considered it from a kid! Can you promise me a poop free Halloween?