Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Eyes Were Too Big

Today was my every other month visit to Costco.  It also coincided with my husband taking the van to a school field trip, leaving me with the Golf.  As we got there, I said to the boys, we can't buy too much because we have to fit it all in the trunk of the Golf.

The Golf
The trunk of the Golf

My list was small, I was not to be sucked into unnecessary purchase, I was on a mission.  And yet, by the time I pushed my way to the check out stand my cart was overflowing. Ever the optimist I was sure it would all fit. Then I looked down and realized there was more stuff under the car. Seriously? What happened.  I think my eyes were too big for my car!

All the groceries that needed to fit inside the car.


Who says we need a bigger car? A VW Golf seems to fit our family of 5 just fine.

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