Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Unexpected Celebration

This past week we had a celebration in our family that was a bit of a surprise. Jack came downstairs and announced to us that it was Tiny Henry's birthday.

Say what? Both Brandon and I looked at each other, little did we know that it was Jack's stuffed mouse's birthday.  Tiny Henry entered our lives on Jack's birthday, which in my mind only makes him about 6 months old. There are times that Tiny Henry disappears and is not seen for awhile, but then he resurfaces and becomes an integral part of Jack's day. 

Since this was his birthday he needed to have his own special pancake, because pancakes are his favorite breakfast treat. Brandon and I continued to just look at each other and shrug. Do we step in and say, it's not your stuffed animal's birthday? Or do we just go with it?

Obviously we went with the second choice.  At dinner time we decided to walk to a new pizza place for dinner. Seeing as how it was Tiny Henry's birthday, he had to come too. Along with a friend.  And of course, how else would they get to the restaurant except in the pink stroller.

We did draw the line at actually putting Tiny Henry or Seal into a high chair, but the stroller did make it into the restaurant and to the table. The waitress tripped on it once but recovered nicely and did not ask us to put the stroller away.  We did get some strange looks on our way out of the restaurant, but considering their son had pig-tails, I don't think they have room to talk.

Luckily, we have this one who is almost too cool for school.  Sunglasses, check. Bus, check.  Purse, oh wait, that's right. Nevermind.  

We have one son who treats his "lovies" as members of the family, one son who is impersonating a hockey player, and one son who can't go anywhere without his purse

But they are mine and I love them.


Michelle said...

The only thing that would make it better is if he had invited us all to Tiny Henry's party! Love it!

Karen said...

The only thing missing was the pink silk scarf!

Anonymous said...

Bless you for being open minded parents who allow whimsy into your lives. Many would have stifled their child's creativity with their own insecurities about gender norms and fears of embarrassment. You clearly love your children and embrace their unique personalities. This post made me smile. :)