Sunday, September 18, 2011

And So It Ends

As with everything, my lovely weekend away has come to an end.  Why is it that time flies when you are by yourself, doing something you love; but time seems to come to a screeching halt that last hour of the day. 4:00-5:00, it is only 60 minutes and yet it can seem like an eternity.

This weekend was wonderful, I slept, I read (very little), I practiced silence and solitude, I watched TV (alot), and I walked.

Well, "Hello" there little seal.
Sure was nice to have a lovely along with me, thanks Jack!
I spent the first night just reveling in being alone. I watched weird shows on the CW, surfed the Internet, and was asleep by 10:30. Not a very exciting night, but perfect for me.  It was weird sleeping alone, and I kept waking up to see if it was morning yet.  Also, I was worried about missing out on breakfast.

The dining room, where I learned that at Bed & Breakfast
places you talk to the other guests.
The first of many growing experiences for me!
After an amazing breakfast, and an interesting conversation with a couple from France, it was back to my room for some quiet time.  At breakfast first there was silence, then there was a big laugh from the other guests when I answered the question, "where are you from?".  Apparently, after giving your name, that is the first question asked at a B&B.  The answer: 5 minutes away, was a bit of a shock to the other guests. But I just laughed and said it was a mini-break from reality.  

I truly enjoyed the quiet and am hoping to be able to continue it once I am home.  Getting up at 6:00 AM in order to be able to be alone, is much different then having quiet time at 10:30 with a full belly and a cup of coffee.

After a little bit more laying around, I decided it was time to go exploring. My very favorite consignment store is located not far from here so I set off with walking shoes, rain coat, book, and a spring in my step. Okay, not really, I spent most of the time making sure I am not going to get lost and then trying to walk like I have a purpose. I have a bit of quirk about my personality that makes me believe that EVERYONE is looking at me when I am walking by myself.  Makes me stand up straight as I walk, you know, just in case.

I followed up an amazing shopping trip with lunch. This was a time when I let Brandon guide my meal decision. I was going to go into a coffee shop, because people are always at coffee shops by themselves. That I have grown used to and am quite comfortable with. But the one I was going to was cash only, and I only had $5. Not nearly enough for coffee & a sandwich. It was 2:00, Brandon was quite confident that this place would be empty, it was the perfect time to go.  I took a deep breath, opened the door, and walked in. Once in, I was committed, and unfortunately the place was not empty. I guess there was some sort of a game being played on Saturday. Something to do with an opponent that wears lots of red, and a game that caused lots of screaming from the fans inside the bar.  I took a table at the far back and proceeded to order a salad and a beer.  Yes, a beer, again I was channeling Brandon. It was good, and I ate and read my book, and tried to ignore the game on the TV and the crazy fans filling the restaurant.  I will admit to being a little insecure and snuck out the back.  But still, I ate, at a restaurant, all by myself. I'm a big girl.

After a lovely post walk nap, I resumed my TV watching. I am obsessed with this show, and am trying to catch up for the current season. Probably not likely, but I gave it my all!

My reading/TV watching/solitude and silence chair. 
I finally realized I was hungry about 7:30 at night. Not a good time to go walking, nor did I have a great plan for dinner. I had originally thought about getting a slice of pizza, but they only do slices at lunchtime. I was not hungry enough for a whole pie, so back to the drawing board. After many text consultations with Brandon I ended up trying a restaurant very close to the B&B. I did drive, because after all it was dark, and I am a very cautious person. Plus, I wanted to show my mom that I could travel by myself and be safe!

The place I chose for dinner had a bar, so I took a deep breath and headed in. I was very nervous about sitting by myself at a bar (again, the whole staring thing) but I figured a table would be worse. I tried watching the soccer game on TV but it was soon over and I was left staring at a blank screen.  I ordered a glass of wine, which helped with the nerves, but the second glass of wine left me a little tipsy. All I know is that the bartender was offering me extra whip cream and trying to entice me to have some by proving it was homemade whip cream. I'm not sure, but I did laugh at his tattoo, and then he cut me off. Which was fine, because I was done and ready to continue my TV marathon.

The bags are packed.
After another good breakfast, and more conversation, it was time to pack up and go.  My break from reality was over. I loved it and am holding on to the euphoric feeling I have had. I know as soon as I open the door, I will be hit with reality and I want to show my family how much this vacation meant to me. That means smiles, hugs, cuddles, and devoted attention to all 4 of my boys.

The clock says 11:02, time to go.

One last picture before I leave. Thank you, 9 Cranes Inn, for what I hope will be a yearly tradition.

Oh, wait, I am not quite ready to re-enter society.  One more cup of coffee, blog post, and hour to myself. But now I am feeling the pull of my family. I want to see them, tell them I love them, and then go take a nap.

Hmmm, not sure if Brandon will go for that last bit. Oh, well, I have had almost 48 hours of complete alone time and I am happy.

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Michelle said...

I'm so glad you had a great time! Although, next time do not laugh at tattoos...they are sacred things, don't you know!