Thursday, March 10, 2011

As Soon As I Saw...

The boy walk in with his stuffed pig and squirrel, I knew we would be okay.  You see, last week I attempted to take the boys to a sports class at the local community center.  We had done one before and it was okay, but it is close, had a convenient time, and cheap.  While the last experience was just okay, this one was dreadful. From the moment we walked in, I knew this would not be a good experience.

Last week, I called to confirm the class was starting today. I checked the website to make sure I was registered. I double checked the times and date. When I felt that I had checked everything possible, only then did I wake the baby and bundle the kids up to go to class.  I thought everything was set but when I walked into the gym I knew something was wrong.  For a first day class, the instructor did not seem very welcoming.  I introduced my 2 boys to her and mentioned they were in this class and the one immediately following it.  She said something that I did not totally understand and I just mumbled something back. I realize now I should have asked her to repeat herself but at the time it seemed easier to smile and nod.
In a few minutes 3 boys came in and immediately started playing. The instructor greeted each one by name and told their moms what they would be doing that day. Then class started. Micah was not sure what to do and spent most of the time sitting on my lap. I spent the next 45 minutes trying to get Micah to join the class, rescue Finn from the top of the bleachers, and convince Jack that the balls were not for him to sit on.  When class finally came to a close I was relieved. Then the instructor pulled out a stack of t-shirts. Uh-oh, I thought, would she have enough for my boys? She did, crisis averted.

Class ended and I waited for the next class to begin. And I waited, and waited and waited. Finally, I looked around and realized that no new kids had come into the gym. It dawned on me that there was not a class starting now. After several confusing conversations between the community center secretary, the instructor, and the activities coordinator, it was determined that we were off a week. The instructor had not checked the start date for the next session and was having a 'make-up' day from the previous session. Hence, why she knew all the other boys and they were able to join in the games so quickly.  The instructor also did not realize that there was a 3:45 class beginning that day.  When I explained that my son had been waiting through his brother's class for his own sports class, she felt bad but did not have a good solution. Jack was the only boy registered, so they would be combining it with the 3 year olds and beginning the following week.
Considering that Jack is already in a preschool with kids a year younger then him, and plays most often with his younger brothers, I was really wanting a chance for him to be with similar aged boys. Not boys two years younger.  That combined with an unpleasant snubbing by the other moms left me upset and near tears.  Walking out I knew there was no way I wanted to go back the next week and listening to my son ask why he didn't get to have class did not help.

The very next day I walked into the Little Gym and signed both boys up for class. Micah for a sports themed gymnastics and Jack for a basic gymnastics class with 5&6 year olds.  The cost for both boys made me gasp but I firmly believed it was a better place for them to be.

And it is. Jack had his class first and we walked in to find a 6 year old girl sucking her thumb, and a 5 year old boy carrying his much loved stuffed animals. Considering Jack only left "lovies" at home because I made him, I felt a kindred spirit in this other boy.  Today was Micah's class and he spent the hour playing hockey and loving it.  Both left their respective classes happy, and exhausted, as Jack is quick to point out.

Next week, Jack promised to bring his goose and parrot to class to show the boy. Maybe, if he is lucky this boy will get to hear Jack's beaver joke.  I have a feeling the other little boy will find it hilarious.

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Michelle said...

That first class sounds TERRIBLE! I'm so sorry! Good job finding a better place for the boys. And for you too I hope. Mean Moms suck!