Saturday, February 5, 2011

Past Due

I feel that I am past due for a blog post. Unfortunately, I believe that another post about wanting a baby or losing my iPhone would not be well received.  I have several thoughts rolling around in my head (shocking, I know!) but have just not found the time to sit and write them all out.  I am much too busy stalking other peoples' blogs to write one of my own. I have become completely obsessed with 'before & after' DIY blogs. Which then transfers into an obsession with my own house and lack of DIY projects that are currently being completed.  All of this surfing has left no time for keeping up my own blog.

I could regal you with hilarious stories about my kids. Seriously funny stories, not the ones that only the parents think are funny. But they tend to revolve around a certain male genitalia and I am pretty sure that may offend some of you.  Although, when you are surrounded by boys (including the dog) you begin to find bathroom humor extremely hilarious.

For now I will just leave you with some pictures of the men in my life.

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