Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Going to Write All the Words I Know

Okay, not really. Just the words Finn knows.  Once again we are keeping track of the words one of our sons is saying. We went through this with our middle son and as soon as we went for a speech referral he opened his mouth and words just spewed out. I'm not worried but as we are nearing our check-up for possible speech evaluation, I wanted to chart the words he has now. And, I knew all of you would be as interested in this as I am. So here goes:

Finn's Words

Common words used every day: Mamma or Mommy (which refers to mom, dad, or the 15 year old boy babysitter), NO

Words heard several times: Bye & Hi (complete with a very cute wave), Mine, a version of Nemo, Nose

His newest word: Butt
Yes, the boy who hardly speaks, can't even vocalize yes, knows the word "butt" and the location of said appendage.  I blame his two older brothers, although Brandon said the other night I was the worst one. But, (ha!) honestly, what is cuter then a baby's butt?  Not much.

Grand Total: 9-10 words, not bad, not bad

Slight Tangent: The title of this post is a reference to a VERY funny Parks & Rec.  Had us laughing so hard we were both crying. Highly recommend this show.


Karen said...

Hey don't forget the most important one: mammy. Very different and distinctive when he wants his grammy!

Michelle said...

Give him to me for a few days, I'll have him saying Emma!