Friday, February 18, 2011

All By Myself

Tonight finds me all alone!  At least for the next few hours. I was going to post my status on Facebook, but realized that would open me up to a whole bunch of crazy stalkers knowing I was alone. Here, there are only a few crazy stalkers, so I will take my chances.

Tonight my husband is going to a concert with his man friend. The boys are at a Parent's Night Out for a few hours. I am sitting on the couch, music playing, sipping a hot latte, with my laptop open on my lap. Complete bliss.

I was invited to go to Happy Hour at the Melting Pot with another mom friend. It was tempting. I have never been to the Melting Pot, but feel like it is something I might enjoy. Cheese, beef, more cheese, really what is not to like. I debated whether or not to go, but decided a chance to be home alone was very rare. I regretted my decision when I saw my friend tonight all dressed up ready to go. That would be fun I thought. Maybe I made the wrong choice.

But then I turned onto my street and my mouth stretched into a wide grin. I was going to be in my house, all by myself! I knew then that I made the right decision. I have a Dr. Pepper in the fridge, pizza ordered, a sewing project I have been putting off, and Grey's Anatomy on the DVR. I am so completely giddy right now.

Side Note: By 11, my euphoria of being alone will have worn off and I will be convinced someone is hiding in the basement. But until then I shall enjoy the peace and quiet of my house and try to soak up every minute that I have.


Lisa said...

Sounds awesome! Except for the person hiding in your basement...that happens to me too late at night! :)

Michelle said...

Since I don't have a basement, my person is always hiding in my closet....when the door knob rattles, that's when I get freaked! I love having a few hours at home, alone, no chores.