Friday, October 29, 2010

I Didn't Mean to Scare You

With the last post, I mean.  I was not making an ANNOUNCEMENT. Well, I was but in a different way.

I heard from a few of you that I thought I was going to say: "Baby #4 is on the way!" Truly that was not my intent.  In fact, it was the complete opposite. I wanted it to be recorded loud and clear that there will be: No. More. Baby. Lonacs.

What I was hoping to accomplish in my last post was to make sure everyone knew where we were at in our family size (MOM!).  From now on if I say "Guess What?" I do not want the first response to be: "You're Pregnant!!"  We are 99.9% sure we will not be having any more babies. So, please, put that far far from your mind.

I still remember sitting in a friends house one night, when a good friend made an announcement. "Guess what?" She said. No responses from us sitting there. "T. is going to be a big sister!"  Seeing as how her baby was 5 months old, my first thought was: "You're getting a dog?"  Obviously that did not make sense, but I couldn't imagine that the next words were going to be: "I'm pregnant!" That was a complete shock.

So for future reference (mostly this means you, mom) when I make an announcement, I hope the first thing you think of is: "Oh, they are getting another dog."

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Michelle said...

That's what i usually think!