Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Name Game

People have started asking if we have any names picked out for the baby.  Every time I wish I had a good answer, but  don't. I keep thinking it is too soon to think of names. But at my last doctors visit I scheduled all my appointments until my due date. There are not that many. Along with laying awake at night finally realizing I have no where to put the baby's clothes, I also realized we might need to work on the name.  

We always struggle with names, especially boy names, and  have quite the list going before we pick the right one. I have the lists saved for both of my boys. Ones that are filled with boy names and always one girl name.  

I still remember the moment we decided on Jack's name.  I was driving across the 520 bridge on my way to work and, as usual, obsessing about the baby's name. We knew what the girl name would be but had no real option yet for the boy. Since we found out on our trip to Italy that we were pregnant we really wanted an Italian middle name, I like family names, and Brandon wants out there names you can't shorten.  His most recent suggestion was: Oscar Domiano.  I liked Jack. I always had and when I knew my baby was due on the same day as my great-uncle Jack's birthday, it seemed perfect to me. About mid-bridge I thought "Jack Oscar", I loved it, I called Brandon, he loved it. It was such a good feeling. When I went into labor on my due date and the chances were good I would deliver that day, I so wanted a boy. When Brandon said "It's a boy!" it felt like I knew it all along. My grandma was at the hospital when Jack was born and my favorite picture is her holding Jack, who was born on her brother's birthday and carried on his name.

Micah was an even harder name.  Having one child, I really obsessed over what would sound good with 'Jack'.  Everything sounded like "Jack and Jill" boy or girl.  Once again we had a girl name all picked out but could not come up with a boy name.  This was made even harder because after choosing 'Jack', it became more popular.   I would hear it on the playground almost daily. Brandon really wanted a different name this time.  On our list we had: Paul, Saul, Drew, Owen. None felt right, but we didn't like any one better.  Again, I can remember the moment we chose the name 'Micah'. It was a hot Friday in April, I remember because I was sitting on my deck enjoying the sun and watching Jack play. I had picked up this baby name book at the library that was supposed to be really good in finding sibling names.  I went through the entire book and when I was done I had only flagged one name. I went inside and IM'd Brandon: "What do you think of Micah". He wrote back "I love it" and then "Micah Allen". Allen, after my dad. I loved it.  Two weeks later, our Micah was born and I remember saying to my sister, "Now I have an Allen, too!"

12 weeks to my due date and no names. Not even a girls name. I have one I love but it wasn't an "A-ha!" moment for Brandon, so I guess that is not the one. We have one boys name that Brandon likes and it is okay, but I don't love it, yet. I want that same feeling of: "Yes, that is it!" when we say it to each other and that has not happened yet.

So, next to me on the couch is "The Best Baby Name Book" and of course our favorite, "Don't Name Your Baby". I guess it is time I open one and start my list. This time, with a column for both boy and girl names.


Michelle said...

Well, there's always the name I tried to get you to use for Jack...Kip! If it's a girl, Bea is a nice syllable, unusual, goes with a certain tattooed lady I know!

Kristin said...

Liza & Ryan's baby is now 14 hours old and still does not have a name :)

Alisha said...

Boys names are tough! Any luck yet?