Friday, November 7, 2008

Soup, Soup, Soup!

My boys love soup. More specifically, they love grandma's soup.  It all started when my mom babysat Jack every week. One of the things they did together was make soup and Jack 'grew-up' tasting grandma's soup as it was being made. My mom would leave it for us for dinner and it was my favorite night of the week. Dinner would mostly be made, I would make homemade biscuits, and we would sit down for a yummy meal with little work.  Since I stopped working last year, my mom's soup has disappeared.  I was about to ask her for some soup when she came down to babysit one Monday morning with a fresh pot of soup.  Oh, I was so excited!

Since then my mom has sent down soup every other Monday when she comes down to watch the kids. We are back to having soup on our menu and the boys are loving it.  Each time we have my mom's soup, Brandon raves about it. I would be jealous, but she really does make the best soup. Mine always ends up with the same 4 ingredients: chicken, carrots, noodles, potatoes. It is good, but not very interesting.

Now when I put the pot of soup on, I hear Jack say: "I made that with grandma!" and Micah finally use a word "soup!".  It makes me smile. 
I'm hoping to see some cabbage patch soup come my way soon!


Michelle said...

Hey, don't knock few ingredient soups! My favorite is peas, carrots, alphabet pasta and chicken broth. Yep. Easy and yummy!!

Karen said...

Who can resist such a sweet, sweet story? Cabbage patch soup is on the way!