Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Think I Need a New Rolling Pin

I've had the same rolling pin since Brandon and I got married. We got married 2 weeks after I graduated from college and with Brandon still needing one more year. Money, we did not have. So I went to my mom's and took any extra dishes/utensils she no longer needed. I ended up with a hodge podge of things, but at least I had a somewhat functioning kitchen.

One of the items she sent with me was her rolling pin. It is not a fancy rolling pin, in fact, some might consider it kind of ugly. It is green and plastic. But I remember my mom rolling pies and biscuits with this very same rolling pin. I remember standing in the kitchen waiting for my piece of biscuit dough. Or watching her make pinwheels out of the left over pie crust dough. One of my fondest memories is my mom baking in the kitchen using this rolling pin.  

My family loves biscuits and pizza. Both things we make on a regular basis and I find myself reaching for this same old rolling pin almost weekly. I like the idea of my boys creating memories of me baking them a special treat. They already stand there begging for a bite of dough as I try to us my rolling pin to roll it out.  

Unfortunately, my rolling pin had an unfortunate encounter with my vacuum cleaner. I am not sure what happened but before I knew it one handle of the rolling pin had been sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. Needless to say, neither appliance has been the same sense.  For a while, my rolling pin looked like this:

Still usable, just missing a handle.  Well, I'm not sure what happened but now my rolling pin looks like this:
I just put it back together every time I need to roll dough. It is not working our so well, but I am managing.  Why don't I buy a new one, you ask?  Because I am hoping that under the Christmas tree I will find a new rolling in from my mom.  I can not just go to the store and buy some random rolling pin.  I want the connection I have with this broken, old, plastic one.  

As I teach my boys to make pie crust, homemade biscuits and pizza dough, I want to think of my mom showing me how to make the same things.  Girls or boys, who doesn't love homemade apple pie, fresh biscuits with honey, and, well, in our house roasted beet pizza!

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Michelle said...

I'm sure that will be fine for another year or so.....It looks to be in perfect working order. It still rolls!