Saturday, August 2, 2008

The 'Other' List

Long ago I wrote about a list that my husband and I had hanging in our house, a TODO list of things that needed to be done before we could move. Well, that list is still hanging in the same spot. It really can come down now but apparently our design aesthetic is to have random paper taped to the wall with blue painters tape.

Tonight I am not talking about that list but a different list. The list of actors/musicians that you could *ahem* you know, wink-wink, if you ever ran into them. For years, engraved in stone, has been Toby Keith. With his hat on, of course. Loved him, loved his songs, went to his concerts every year. But, as with all things, Toby has lost his allure.

Today I saw Mamma Mia! and I have a new man to put at the top of my list. Pierce Brosnan. I loved him in Remington Steele.  Haven't seen a Bond movie since they replaced him.  Own and love The Thomas Crown Affair. I even enjoyed his turn as a bad guy in The Matador. But nothing put him on my list until this movie.  My mom and younger sister said it was the opening scene that did it for them. Watching Pierce Brosnan in his jeans was good enough for them. That was fine, but for me, it was when he stood in the doorway with his arm on the doorjamb and sang "SOS". OH - MY  - GOD! Never heard the song before and did not care. I didn't even care that Pierce Brosnan is apparently not a great singer. I loved it. I absolutely loved it.

On the way home I stopped and bought the CD. I have played the song over and over along with Mamma Mia, and Take a Chance on Me.  I am even trying to figure out how I can go see the movie again.

My List:
1. Pierce Brosnan
2. Johnny Depp (can I just say: Captain Jack Sparrow)
3. Hugh Grant (watching him dance in Love Actually makes me want to jump)

Who is on your list?


Michelle said...

Well, let's of Saturday night this is how it looks:
John Cusack
Kevin Costner
Dennis Quaid

But I could easily throw in Greg Kinnear, Gary Allen, or if we can time travel, Clint Eastwood in the 70's!!

Karen said...

Amy do you mean "..."? Like we did in the OLD DAYS???? Pierce Brosnan has been on my list way before I knew about "lists"...

I didn't buy the CD on the way home, and I couldn't quite justify watching it again last night BUT when I got home I found a movie on demand with Pierce Brosnan in it. Something called "After the Sunset" - not a great movie, but plenty of PB scenes so it was worth it!

Lisa said...

Okay...Number one will never change: Brad Pitt!!! Ever since Legends of the Fall...whew! Number two and three change depending on what movie I'm watching. If I had to choose today.

1. Brad Pitt
2. Christian Bale
3. Gabriel Byrne ( just because mom doesn't know who he is...and I can't think of my number 3 right now...but for an older man...he's sexy!!!)

Okay...I just remebered my real #3 is James Marsden from X-Men, Hairspray, Enchanted and 27 dresses.

Michelle said...

Let's kick Dennis Quaid off to the runner up list and put my true favorite: Mark Wahlberg. Just came to me, he's the guy Erik knows I'll run away with!