Saturday, July 19, 2008


I know this is the third post of the night but I am heading out for a week of camping and needed to get all my thoughts up and posted.  

A warning: some graphic information in the following story.

I have lived in this house since mid-February. I don't have the exact number of days but am thinking it is around 150, give or take. This is important because of what I discovered, much to my dismay, this afternoon.

We have one bathroom in our house that is working. It is upstairs and, unfortunately, the only window is right next to the toilet. This has always caused me some concern but the window is that frosted, privacy glass and we have a paper shade over it.  I know it isn't 100% private as I came home late one night and saw my husband's silhouette through the window. Since then I have tended to leave the light off when I am using the bathroom once it is dark outside. I have serious peeping tom issues.

Unfortunately, I found out today that it isn't at night that the bathroom is most on display. I had gone out to the Westy to get some things for our camping trip. I am walking back to the house and I happen to glance up at the bathroom window and what do I see?? I see my husband. I see his blue shirt, I see his khaki shorts, OMG, that is not his shorts I can see! Are you serious??  Every day I go into the bathroom when the shade is up you can see all of me. You can see my clothes, you can see my lack of clothes, you can see EVERYTHING I am doing. Just think on that for a second.  

This summer we have had the window open quite often because it is one of the few that opens upstairs and we need the breeze. I will go inside, close the window, do my business, open the window and leave. I figure the most that the neighbors have seen is the window opening and closing. Nope, they have been getting quite a show. The best part is the neighbor directly behind us is having construction work, so this last week the house that stares at my bathroom window has been full of men working on his new garage. 

That is just great.  I think I have to move.


Lisa said...

I have to say I am so sorry for you...but that is hilarious! If you decide to move, do we still have to paint the outside of your house?! J/K!! :)

Michelle said...

You would be my FAVORITE neighbor!!

Michelle said...

From David and The Other One... Oops, I mean "Leah".

That story is seriously messed up, but I have to say that I kinda thought that people outside could see in... Ha Ha Ha.

p.s. HA HA HA HA HAHA says "Leah".

Karen said...

OMG...remind me to NEVER use your bathroom again. I hope fixing the downstairs bathroom just moved up to the top of B's to do list.


HAHA! Amy, so it has been awhile since I have checked your blog, and then read this last one and laughed so hard! I had a similar "incident" with this and our bathroom window and the very busy street below!!!