Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A New Tradition

Today I decided the boys and I had a new tradition.  Several times this summer we have walked to the local coffee shop, but today I realized we tend to go most often on Tuesdays.  Every other Tuesday is Bible Study and the off Tuesday is my night to clean my house. Since I know I have somewhere to go or something to do each Tuesday I tend to want a mid-afternoon pick me up. Hence the tradition.

We get out the umbrella stroller, Micah rides, Jack walks.  We head the block and a half to Cafe Javasti.  Jack practices walking next to us, stopping at the road, holding hands to cross the road, and jumping on stones. Micah just enjoys the ride. 

At Javasti, I order a double short non-fat latte and a butterhorn for the boys the share. While I am ordering Jack picks out the same table, the one closest to the door and the toys and gets out the legos. I bring back the cookie, put Micah at the table, and sit down with my coffee. The boys love the butterhorn, I sip my latte, and watch them eat and play.  

We stay maybe 15 mintues, not long, but enough to enjoy our treat and play a little. We don't talk much but we all seem to feel better after our little treat.

On the walk home I savor my coffee, Jack continues to work on following directions, and Micah still enjoys the ride.  A little sweet time with my boys and the added benefit of caffeine to hlep me make it through the night. What could be better?
Enjoying half of a butterhorn.

Building a tree with legos.


Karen said...

Is that why I couldn't reach you yesterday?? That sounds like a sweet tradition to me. Love those b's.

Michelle said...

I had a similar tradition when the Speckled Cow was still down by the pharmacy: I got a milky way mocha, all the fat and whip please, and the kids shared a giant cookie....and it was the sugar pick me up we needed!