Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tater Tots, Part Deux

My very first post was about tater tots and how much I love them and how my boys hate them. Well, I have not had any tater tots again until today. I figure that something so golden and delicious can not possibly be good for you. Also, most days by the time I finish feeding the boys I just grab whatever I can find to eat. Having tater tots for lunch requires a patience I do not always have.

But today I decided I did not care. I had spent the morning cleaning my kitchen, unpacking the very last boxes of kitchen stuff/crap and organizing my shelves again! I decided I wanted a nice little treat for myself for lunch. By the time the tater tots were done lunch was long over. I loaded up my plate with a few piping hot tots and headed into the play room to find the boys.

As soon as I sat down I had one little boy come walking up to see what I was eating. I knew this was a trick because neither of my boys like tater tots. I gave a very small piece to my baby to see what he would do and he ate it. That was kind of a surprise to me but I continued to eat my tater tots not unaware of how my life was about to change. Next thing I knew my 3 year old had also realized I had something yummy. He came over and asked for a piece. I told him he didn't like it but he was insistent that he did. So I gave up another small piece to him. "Yum" he says "that is good". WHAT??!! The boys do not like tater tots that has already been proven. Nope, now my oldest is back for a second piece and this time adds ketchup. It is all over after that. I quickly inhale the remaining tater tots on my plate while my baby is distracted and my toddler is still eating his piece. When he finishes he turns to me and says "Want more, mommy". At which point I have to say, "I'm sorry, they are all gone".

If I had known I was going to have to share I would have made the whole bag!


Erik said...

Movie line:

Napolean, give me one of your tots!


Michelle said...

I hate to say it, but now I want tater tots. I hate them. I really do! But they sound so crispy and golden and yummy....Or I could just get some french fries and save my soul from tater tot heck!

I'm j-king!