Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall....

When we first moved into our house a month ago we had not finished every little thing in the house. That was not a problem until the first morning when I went to get ready and realized I did not have a mirror in the bathroom. That was one thing on our list that was deemed "unimportant".  I quickly realized I had a full length mirror in my bedroom and could do my hair and make-up there. No problem.  That lasted a few days and then I broke the mirror.  Knocked it over and it shattered. There goes my mirror. But wait there is a small piece that is still intact. Excellent, I still have someway to get ready.  Once again, that did not last long before that too, was broken.  This is what I was left with:
Not the best way to put on make-up, but it would have to do. I could see a fraction of my face at a time, so no big deal.  Then last Friday, my father-in-law, showed up with a medicine cabinet and shelf system that he built. I was giddy.  He installed the shelves, painted them to match the trim, and then, HALLELUJAH!, a mirror. A real, honest to goodness, regular sized mirror. I am still shocked when I go to wash my hands, brush my teeth, dry my hair, that I can see myself! It is the best present ever!
Does that make me a little vain?

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