Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tater Tots

I love tater tots, I do not even mind that they are supposedly "kids" food. I simply adore everything about them. I love their crisp, crunchy, golden brown exterior that gives way to a piping hot, mushy potato center. I went grocery shopping a little too close to lunch time today and when I went into the frozen food section to buy spinach (another fav) I saw the bag of tater tots and they were calling my name. I decided a little treat for lunch was in order.

I already know my husband would be disturbed by my lunch choice, and even my 3 year old can not understand my absolute passion for tater tots, but I have one more person to try and convert. Micah, my 10 month old, he seems pretty open to eating different things. So far I have found him eating paper, an unidentified object from the kitchen floor, and a poopy wipe he pulled out of the trash. I am very excited to introduce him to these little nuggets of heaven.

When we get home from grocery shopping, before I even begin to put away the food, I have turned on the oven in preparation for my treat. I wait patiently for it to heat up to 450 degrees, before I can even put the tater tots in the oven. Then I have to wait 10 minutes for them to cook. The directions actually say 12 minutes, but I can not wait that long. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the timer goes off. They are done!

I pull them out of the oven all toasted brown, cover them with salt (because that is also what makes them so good), get out the real ketchup - no generic bottle this week, and sit down to eat my lunch. I take one off my plate and carefully pull it apart, blowing on it to make sure it is not too hot before putting it on Micah's highchair. As soon as a piece hits his tray he has made a grab for it and puts it right in his mouth. Oh! I think he likes it!

But wait, now he is gagging, coughing, sticking out his tongue and trying to spit out what is in his mouth. This can not be happening. Not even Micah will eat tater tots. Unfortunately, he does not realize that what he has found to eat now is just another piece of tot and off we go again with the gagging.

I guess I will just have to eat the whole bag myself. That is really too bad.

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Michelle said...

So Funny! As much as I love all things potato (thing Bubba talking about all the ways shrimp can be made) I do not love tater tots. Shocking! Even smothered in ketchup they are just okay!