Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Country or Christian?

That was my choice of music growing up, Country or Christian. I was raised in a pretty religious house and my parents felt that rock music was too secular to listen to. I think I would have been forced to listen to only Christian music but my mom intervened so we were given a choice. Of course my sister and I choose country music. Any chance to show a little rebellion. What my parents did not realize, I guess, is that country music is really not that wholesome. I still remember one of the first songs I would sing along to: "I"m going to hire a whino to decorate our home, so you feel more at ease here and you won't need to roam". At the time I didn't know what a 'whino' was but it was a very catchy tune. In middle school when all my friends were listening to Mariah Carey, Boys II Men, Beastie Boys, I was listening to Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Reba, Oak Ridge Boys. It is what I grew up on and what I still secretly love.

Unfortunately I married a man who shudders at the sound of any country twang. I took him to one Reba/Brooks and Dunn concert before realizing I would have more fun by myself. We have compromised in our marriage and listen to KEXP which has such a variety of music we can both find things we like. But I still long for the good old country music of my youth.

When my son, Jack, was born I decided he needed to love country music like I did. So, whenever we went on a long car ride I would turn to KMPS and sing along to whatever songs were playing. My plan backfired as Jack does not like any music. As soon as he could talk he would say "No sing mommy, no sing". I finally gave up and quit listening to any country music.

The other day I was on yet another long drive to Arlington and once you hit Everett KEXP tends to fade out. Another reason to hate Everett, besides the hideous traffic, we lose our radio station. I switched over to KMPS and found it was playing one of my favorite songs: "Every light in the house is on". I started singing away until the song ended and another one began. It was my lucky day and it was another oldie but goodie. Pretty soon I was almost to Arlington and still singing along to the radio. I had turned it up by now and was, I admit, sounding pretty good when I heard a little voice from the back. Not Jack, asking me to stop singing because he was asleep, but Micah singing along with me. Yes, I know he is only 10 months and has no words but he was making noises along with me like he was singing.

Finally! One person in my house loves to sing country music with me!

Now if only I could get all the words right to another favorite song:
Jose Cuervo you are a friend of mine
I like to drink you with a little salt and lime
Did I kiss all the cowboys
Did I start any fights
Did I dance on the bar
Did I turn out the lights?


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Michelle said...

Ah, the classic choice of our childhood! There's nothing like hearing Kenny sing Coward of the County or Reba croon When Whoever's in New Englands through with you....but when Conway Twitty says, "Hello Darling" I want to swoon! Totally normal for a young 30-something woman to think that's one of the most perfect songs of all time...right?