Thursday, February 21, 2008


I hate painting. If I ever see a paint brush again it will be too soon. The sad thing is I used to love painting. I loved looking at colors, choosing one I liked, getting the freshly mixed gallon of paint. I would rush home, open the lid, find a paint brush and walk around the room putting little samples of paint on the wall to give a hint as to how it will look. The first roll of paint on the wall was a much anticipated event. I would stand back and admire what a great color it was - well, the times I picked good colors at least - and how excited I was to see the finished product. I wouldn't even mind the detailed cutting in at the ceiling or around the trim. I just really liked the change you could make just with a little paint. I've painted beds, dressers, night stands, chairs, and bookshelves over the years and have always enjoyed it.

But not now. I am done. I don't want to paint ever again. I have just finished painting nearly every room in my house by myself. After, washing the walls, painting 2 coats of primer, then at least 2 coats but most times 3 of the actual color, I am completely done with painting. That also includes priming and painting the entire ceiling in the house - and that I do believe I did by myself. I have had help painting our bedroom and the boys bedroom and the kitchen but otherwise I have painted it alone. It does look wonderful, a far cry from the scary, dirty, house I walked through 3 months ago. I have a friend to thank for helping me pick out colors that go together so I won't have to re-paint the rooms. I think I painted the bedroom in the house we are in now 3 times before I got it right.

I am so happy to be moving in and to be done with all the rooms. Except the trim. How I hate the trim. As my husband said to me yesterday: "I really thought you would have the whole house painted by the time we moved in". I know, I did too, but that darn trim is killing me. It is so tedious and time consuming to paint and I just completely ran out of time. I have painted the trim in all the places I plan to put things or in rooms that I know I will never get back to paint but that is it.

I guess I am not quite done painting. I will probably be painting trim for quite some time, at nap time, in the evenings, maybe even on the weekends. I think I might cry.


Michelle said...

I agree! I remember when it was so exciting to get the paint, to spread out the supplies, to see that first roller of paint go on the wall......Now I'm just so glad I never had the opportunity to help paint your house! It looks fabulous, but I'm glad you have the sore muscles and not me!!


Can't wait to see your house, especially after knowing all of the hard work and long, many days went into it!!!