Monday, February 18, 2008

An Apology

I owe my husband a big apology. For the last three months he has worked on our 'new' house every Saturday, some evenings, and now even Sundays. Doing hard, back-breaking labor. I acknowledge that it is hard work, especially after working all day, and that he does not get to see his boys much which makes him sad. But I have argued that I am also tired. Tired of taking care of the kids 24/7, tired of doing all the housework, grocery shopping and cooking, and tired of being alone at night. Plus, Mr. M still thinks he needs to get up at 3AM. I have felt that while I might get to bed earlier I will only get a few hours before I am up and out of bed.

That opinion changed this weekend. Together we put in 26 hours at the house starting Friday night at 8:00. We drywalled, put down plywood, painted, sanded, mudded/taped, cleaned and even did a bit of demo. We only left the house to use the bathroom (well, I did I won't discuss Brandon's solution to the no-toilet issue) and sleep. We even ate our meals at the house to save time. By Sunday night when our boys came home I was exhausted. But it wasn't until the next morning that it really hit me.

Sleep stupid. I was completely and utterly sleep stupid this morning. I finally stumbled up the stairs at 8:30 (I admit it) only to sit down at the little kids table. I was handed both a cup of coffee and a tall, quad, non-fat latte. I watched my husband feed my son, make his lunch, and continue to get ready for work. This after he had already gone to Home Depot and filled my car with gas. I knew I needed to help and tried to offer to make his lunch, or take over breakfast, or even get the right bowl of cereal for my son but nothing happened. My brain knew what to do but my body was unwilling. I just sat there. I tried to form a coherent sentence or phrase but nothing came out. I was bone weary, mind-numbingly exhausted, and I think every part of my body hurt, down to my finger nails. It was kind of pathetic really.

B. - I sincerely apologize for every snarky comment, impatient gesture, annoyed eye-roll, and any complaints I may have leveled against you. You totally win.

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Michelle said...

You win too, for being willing to say that out loud! Made me want to email E to tell him I'm sorry for not wanting to listen to his story about a motorcycle....