Sunday, June 15, 2014

End of Year

School ended last Friday. On one hand it felt like an eternity, but on the other, I swear I just dropped them off on the first day.

This year there was no crying when I asked for pictures.  Jack even suggested taking pictures with the teacher gifts - a complete surprise.

Jack's teacher this year was the perfect fit for him. She loved his quirky sense of humor, encouraged his love of dance, and listened to every story he had to share every single day.  There were tears when the day ended and we had to say goodbye - and they were not from me.

Micah's teacher I am pretty sure is doing her own dance that she will not have to do any parent teacher conferences with me next year. I told her she has 2 years before Finn comes to 1st grade to rebuild her Kleenex supply. Micah had a great year, he is our author, constantly writing unique and funny stories.

These boys. How did they get so big? Love these two.

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Michelle said...

They boys are growing so fast! Seems like just last year we were camping and baby Jack laughed at the dog in the restroom! Love these boys.