Thursday, February 6, 2014

Second Guessing

So this weekend I spent many hours folding clothes, sorting clothes, and relentlessly purging.  I ended up with several bags of clothes and I quickly took them to the Goodwill on Monday so I would not be tempted to go have second thoughts.

This time I took a hard look at all of the clothes they have worn and got rid of them even if they had sentimental value.

The shirt Jack made in Kindergarten for his class field trip - gone. Why would Micah want to wear it?

The apple shirt Micah made in Kindergarten - gone. Seriously, Finn will be making his own in a year.

The orange KEXP shirt Jack wore all summer - yep, gone.

All of Micah's sports league t-shirts - out of here. How many do you really need?

But then today I saw this:

A T-Shirt Quilt

Um, yeah.

Never mind that I only have 5 or so shirts. That I can't sew. I have zero understanding of quilting.  And assuming that of course my boys would LOVE to have a giant quilt made out of old t-shirts.

None of that matters. All I am thinking about is what time does Goodwill open tomorrow? I wonder if I can go and buy back all of their t-shirts?

That's not crazy, right?

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