Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And That's a Wrap

Micah just finished his 3rd year of soccer. I'm not sure how we became a soccer family, or even why we started in the first place. Finally after many practices and rainy games, we have an official soccer player on our hands.  This was the first year where the kids actually played real soccer, complete with goalies.  Micah loved being goalie. I kind of think it was because he didn't have to run as much when he was goalie.

This past Saturday was our last game of the season. With the way our fall has been, I have missed several of his games. Getting ready on Saturday he asked if I was going to be at his game.  I told him of course I would be there. And I was so glad I was.  Micah scored the winning goal of the game. It was only his second goal of the season, and the only one I was there for.  Micah kicked it and then we all held our breath as it went towards to goal, slowed down, and then (to be honest) ricocheted in.  But all that mattered was the ball went into the goal. Micah paused and then turned to look at me, with a "did you see that?" look on his face.  Indeed, I did, my sweet, competitive, soccer-loving boy.

The soccer star with his coach

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