Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Full Day of Summer

School does not start until next Wednesday but yesterday was the last day where we woke up with no agenda. I had purposefully left this week as empty as possible to try to soak up some last minute time with my boys. What I failed to realize is that we are all pretty ready for school to start. Now, I'm not looking forward to getting up early, making lunches, having homework, and what not, but I am ready for the routine and predictability of school. And, I believe, the boys are ready to be with someone that is not me.  Although Jack did say today he wished summer was 10 more weeks, I truly believe they are as ready as I am.  

Even so, I was determined to make this last day count. I asked the boys for ideas on what they wanted to do on this last day. Micah offered up open swim at the local pool. Jack first said stay home all day, which was not a huge shock, but then changed it to the zoo. Finn just echoed whatever his bothers said.  Going into Thursday I was debating swim or zoo, zoo or swim. Really, both are my least favorite activities, but it wasn't about me (or so I kept telling myself).

Unfortunately we woke to rain on Thursday. At first it was a little rain, and I thought we could probably do the zoo but then it said thundershowers/lightning were predicted later. So, no swim or zoo for us.  Instead, and I know you are all dying to know, we went BOWLING.  The one bowling alley near our house was recently torn down so it was pretty fun to surprise the boys by telling them we were going bowling. They were pretty sure I was crazy.  But we went, we bowled, and we had a really good time.

Showing our muscles

Agony waiting to see if any pins would be knocked down

Finn has the longest ball roll ever, sometimes it didn't even make it

And bowling makes us hungry

Also, I won. But I guess I shouldn't gloat since my competitors were under the age of 10.

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Alisha said...

I've been wanting to take my boys bowling. Where did you go? And was it a good choice? Thanks!
What a fun mom you are, making the days before school extra special!