Thursday, January 3, 2013

Being Kind to Strangers

Today I realized there might be a flaw in my plan to teach my boys to help strangers.  Most of our helping has been confined to taking toys to the goodwill and handing out hand warmers to the homeless.

Today Finn and I went to get some boxes. After leaving the helpful, but slightly creepy guy at the storage facility, Finn said: "When we get home can we have that guy come over?"

"What guy?" I asked.

"The guy who gave us boxes."

"You want to invite the strange man from the storage center to our house for a playdate?"

"Yes", said in a slightly condescending way that only 3 year-olds can do.

I tried to explain that we don't really invite strangers to our house but Finn was insistent that he was a nice guy and would be fun to have over.

Obviously, I did not go back and extend an invitation for a playdate. But I think I have some work to do on stranger-danger.

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