Saturday, December 8, 2012

Girl Talk

Today in the car the boys and I somehow got on the topic of baby girl names. Specifically what their names would have been if they were a girl. One fun part of not knowing the gender is that we always had 2 names for each baby.  For some reason, the girl name did not carry over to the next baby, but was always a new name.

I have a friend who I wish would have a girl just because I truly believe she has the perfect girl name. And it fits with the boy names she currently has. I am a bit obsessed actually, over the fact that I believe she should have another baby and it should be a girl.  Hint-hint.

When reviewing the girl names for my boys, I had to stop and laugh.

Finn Carlson would have been Carolyn Mae.  Not bad, except I am not sure if you say Caro-line or Caro-lynn.  It would be bad to not be able to pronounce your own child's name.

Micah Allen would have been Mae Abigail. Interesting that his initials would have been the same. Abigail is still my least favorite girl name, but it was a compromise with Brandon.  Also, the boys think it is hilarious Micah would have been Mae.

But truly it is Jack's name that makes me so glad he is a boy.

Jack Oscar would have been Allyn Isabetta. Allyn after my dad, and Isabetta because we found out we were pregnant in Italy.  Yeah, I am so glad I have a Jack instead.

Obviously I was not meant to have girls. My name choices are a tad odd.  Which is why I just stick to naming girl dogs.  Elsie Henrietta Ice-cream Lonac, um, yeah.


Michelle said...

This made me laugh! At the time, all the names sounded great! For us, David would have been Stina Marie (so glad he's David).

Jenny said...

Love this! You know how I love baby name talk. :)