Tuesday, November 13, 2012

No Words

A friend recently emailed and said, "I haven't seen any new blog posts in a while, so you must be busy."  Life is busy, I've decided it will always be busy, but that isn't the reason that this blog has been quiet. It's simple, I haven't had the words.

Last week a mom within my social circle experienced the thing we moms fear the most. Her seven year old son died.  It was sudden, it was shocking, it was devastating.  For many of you who read this blog, you also have been on this journey. Writing about the latest shenanigans of my boys' seemed wrong.  My life continued on as normal, my friend's will never be the same.

This past weekend I had the honor to help serve this family. And in doing so, I also had the opportunity to listen to the mom share. I listened as she recounted the last days of her son's life. The last words he spoke. The moment she knew it would be a 'when' not an 'if' situation. How she was thankful for the week she had to prepare for saying good-bye to her son.  I listened, nodded, and tried not to cry.

This weekend we will go and say a final good-bye to this little boy.  My friend has said this is not a day for mourning, but a day to celebrate his life.

Until then, my stories will have to wait.

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