Friday, March 30, 2012


Guess what?!

It's TWO days until my birthday!! 

I had to wait until Jack's birthday was officially over before I could start my own countdown. That left only 5 days in which to anticipate MY birthday.  Not as good as 31 days, but that's okay. I am working on being an adult about my birthday.

In honor of my birthday, I was given the best gift from a friend. She offered to watch Finn this morning so I could be ALL BY MYSELF.  I was giddy thinking of the possibilities: go on a walk, read a book, take a morning nap (what?!), just be home. But, as with life, plans changed. Instead of being all by myself, I have EVERYONE (including my lovely spouse) home today.


How did I go from complete alone time to surrounded by boys?  It started with a fever in Jack yesterday that kept him home from school, and because you have to be 24 hours fever free combined with him still sleeping at 9:00, home again today.  Then the car appointment that had my spouse working from home yesterday turned into an overnight event and meant that he might as well work from home again today. Seeing as how he was going to have to pick up the car sometime today anyway.

But the worst was Finn. I would have dropped him off anyway, brought Jack home, turned on a movie and pretended I was alone. But last night Finn broke out in little red spots.  And of course, I thought, CHICKEN POX! I even called my mom for a diagnosis.  Considering he had been exposed to shingles and chicken pox by way of Jack's school, I was sure that he had it. Then I googled chicken pox pictures. Whatever you do, don't do that! Unless you are like me and have some sort of serious obsession with gross skin lesion pictures. Seriously, one site even said: this page contains graphic and disturbing images. So of course I looked.

This morning, instead of heading into a nice bit of alone time, I found myself sitting at the doctor's with Finn. Good news, it is not chicken pox, not-as-good-of-news, she wasn't sure what it was.  But he shouldn't be contagious anymore.  She thinks.

Looking on the bright side, things can only get better, right?

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Michelle said...

You are so funny! It's 130 days until my birthday!! OMG.