Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Day, Take Two

30 minutes ago this post was going to look very different. I was forming the basis for what I wanted to say while ushering two wild boys into solitary confinement.  What would have been our movie/rest time, was now going to be "Mommy's Alone Time".

I had already had a playdate with 2 friends from preschool, bringing the total number of kids in our house to 7.  Driven in the snow with no phone or license to the bus stop, waited at the bus stop for 20 minutes, only to decide the bus was not coming. Driven home with a very sad 6 and 3/4's boy who desperately wanted to go to school.  Continued the playdate that I had put on hold when I tried to take Jack to the bus stop. Found out that school was in effect cancelled. Made lunch, put the littlest one down for his nap, and reached my breaking point.

In my mind today was going to be a playdate with friends, Jack would be at school, tonight I would have Bible study with my friends, and tomorrow we would have a snow day.  One day of planned activities, one day with the boys to myself! It was perfect.  But then it wasn't.

After sending the boys to their individual quiet rooms, I made my lunch, and sat down on the couch with my blanket. I was trying to decide if I should:
1. Fold clothes and watch TV
2. Just watch TV
3. Read blogs
4. Write a blog

I was pondering my options when I realized what I should do was have a bit of a quiet time for myself.  I opened the book, Jesus Calling, and read today's devotion. And then I stopped. Because, it was of course, exactly what I needed to read at this moment.

I want you to rejoice today, refusing to worry about tomorrow...... I can weave miracles into the most mundane day if you keep your focus on Me. (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young)

Instead of moping and complaining that I have everyone home today, and most likely tomorrow, find the blessing in that.  Even when Jack and Micah are crazy wrestling and someone is bound to get hurt, enjoy the time with them.  Instead of looking ahead to the long stretch of time before dad is home, plan something out of the ordinary to do. Pull out the tents they got for Christmas, make a huge fort, make popcorn as a snack, get out the water colors.  Or just watch a movie.

I am a planner, have always been and always will be, I have my week's outfits picked out on Sunday night even.  But I have to learn to be flexible with my plans and to know that in the end, I have absolutely no control over what happens day to day.

And to be okay with that.

15 more minutes and the older two boys will be out of quiet time.  Take a deep breath, drink more coffee, gather myself together. And be ready to enjoy this unexpected day with my boys.


Alisha said...

Thank you! I think I need to get that book. I have high hopes of doing kid things with my kids while we all act like adults and it just never happens. Thank you for the reminder to go with the flow better. Take a minute to skim the link Jan posted on FB-Carpe Diem--Another reminder.

Michelle said...

The power of buttered popcorn and hot chocolate, forts and special movie viewings....the days I did not want to do anything "special" because the kids were being stinkers, usually were the days we most needed a time out from regular life.

Mandy said...

I always feel Luke Gods speaking to me individually through that book! How is that?! Great perspective Amy! Thanks!