Saturday, December 3, 2011

No Kids Allowed

This weekend we find ourselves kid-free, again. Normally sleep-overs for the kids are few and far between, but for some reason we have had 3 (almost) in a row.  This will be the last one for a looooonnnggg time so you would think we would be living it up!

But we are not. In fact, the reason for this sleep-over was two-fold. First, Jack really wanted a sleep-over just him at Oh-cho's house. Since Finn was born, Jack would go to Grandma's and Micah would go to Oh-cho's every time we needed a place for them to stay. He was very clear it was his turn to go to his aunt's by himself.  Second, we had two holiday parties scheduled for today and we usually cough up quite a bit of money to pay the babysitter. It seemed like a win-win.

And it is, except we are not at the Christmas parties tonight. We are home. Truthfully, we are currently sitting in separate rooms typing on our laptops. Not very romantic, or exciting for a kid-free Saturday night. But this week I started getting sick, and by Friday I was just counting down the minutes until I could go to bed. Looking ahead, I saw the weekend scheduled out almost to the minute and I was overwhelmed. Knowing how quickly Monday would come, a busy week, tired kids, Christmas fun, the right decision would be to stay home and rest.

So here we are. Saturday night, no kids, missing two of our favorite holiday parties, and sitting in separate rooms in the house.  Not what I had planned for my last kid free Saturday night. But, tomorrow, when the boys return I hope to be feeling better, or at least not more worn out, ready to greet them with a smile and a hug, ready to get down on the floor play trains, read books, and celebrate one more Advent activity.

That is my hope.

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Michelle said...

I hope you were well rested! The boys seemed to be pretty wild when I left.....