Monday, November 28, 2011

What Makes Me Feel Better

Mondays in general are not my favorite day of the week. Mondays after a holiday are even worse. The boys are off schedule, no one wants to get up, including myself. Combine this with a cold and a house that is in a serious state of chaos. It looks like Santa threw up in here.  That was my Monday.

My mom helped by coming down and moving almost all of my furniture. I now have a new playroom/office and a new living room. The addition of the Christmas tree always causes some furniture re-arranging, but this was an extreme move.  By the time the kids were all tucked in bed, my amazing husband was off grocery shopping, I found myself wrapped up in a blanket laying on the couch.

Nothing on my DVR, nothing on that I wanted to watch, but then I remembered a preview I had seen:

Dirty Dancing in HD

Watching this movie, crushing a little on Patrick Swayze, singing along with "I've Had the Time of my Life", makes me feel better.

That and I don't have to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

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Michelle said...

I swear, I was just thinking I need to watch this movie again, like literally right before I clicked open your blog. And with the bonus room ready, I need Mom to come to my house and move my furniture!