Friday, November 18, 2011

Well, That Happened

Today is Friday and on Friday's I try to dress a little nicer.  It's hard enough as a stay-at-home mom to rally and pull out the good jeans for a "roll around on the ground" day, and it's even harder when two days are spent wrangling 10 two-year olds at preschool. So, Friday is my day to dress up.

Today I was sporting a new Old Navy t-shirt and an old skirt. I paired the skirt with my brown tights and my new-to-me suede brown boots. (Seriously, I love my boots). Everything looked good, I felt good, except for one small thing. The skirt is an old skirt, pre-kids even, and has a bit of a tear in the back. It basically makes the split reach into some dangerous ares. But that is okay, because I only wear the skirt with my leggings. See, that way, if the split is a little high, all my parts are covered in a non-see through legging. Today, though I choose tights. Dark tights that look like leggings, so I thought I was good to go. When showing my outfit to my spouse, he did mention that maybe I would want to sew that rip. Hmm, maybe it is worse then I thought.

I still left the house, hurried the kids to school, and continued on my day. Mid-way through, I realized it was feeling awfully cold on my backside. I quickly felt the back of my skirt, and all seemed good. I did as subtle as a check as I could, while walking down the hallway at my son's school, and everything still seemed fine. Must just be really cold, I thought.  Still, as the morning went on I became more apprehensive that something was terribly wrong.

Finally, I was home, and after getting kids settled into rest time I went to investigate the situation.  First I checked my skirt, yep, hole still there but not any bigger. Next, I checked my tights. Uh-oh.  I forgot this pair has a relatively large hole in the. um, back of them.  And of course, that hole lined up perfectly with the aforementioned tear in my skirt.  What I had just discovered was that, no, I was not covered up, and yes, you could see my *ahem* backside when I bent over.

Great. It's not like I just spent my morning shelving books. Crawling on hands and knees, bending over, and, dare I say, squatting, in the library at my son's school. Oh, wait, yes I did.  Now, most people would quickly change, but really I was home for the day and I was already dressed, so why change. Although, I would have to walk to the bus stop later.  But who will really notice as I walk quickly by?  Maybe the two guys who stopped talking and watched me push the double stroller up the hill to our house.  Feeling a little exposed, in more ways then one, right then.

The skirt has now been moved to the sewing pile. Which means it will never be worn again.


Karen said...

This is almost as good as your bathroom window story! Bring it to my sewing pile when the boys sleep over. I may not mend my own clothes, but my sewing machine still works!

Michelle said...

Wow. That is terrible!!!!