Sunday, November 13, 2011

Feeling Like a Country Song

Have you heard this joke, goes something like this: lost my dog, lost my car, lost my wife, lost my house .... I honestly don't know the punchline but I know it related to how that was almost every country music song ever written.

Well, my life these past two weeks have felt like a slight version of that joke. Only not funny, at all.

On November 1st, we had a very sad day at our house.  My husband and I had to make the very painful decision to say good-bye to our beloved corgi.  Nemo was only 8 years old, not young but not old, we were not quite expecting him to go so soon. Unfortunately, since the beginning of October, Nemo has had trouble walking.  He lost the use of his back legs, they came back briefly, only to disappear completely. We waited, we hoped, we wheelbarrowed him in and out, we held him up to relieve himself, we cleaned him up after his accidents, and then we finally said good-bye.

Besides the circumcisions for each of my boys, this was the hardest thing I have ever done. He was our baby, I still remember seeing him for the first time and thinking, "oh, my, look at those feet!". He was not the smartest dog, but he was very kind and very lovable. He loved everyone (except the UPS guy) and thought everyone would love him, too.  Coming home for the first time to an empty house was heartbreaking. For the first few days, I kept expecting to hear his nails clicking on the floor, his deep bark when the mail arrived, and his snoring when he fell asleep.  I didn't realize how much a part of my day Nemo was until he was gone.

We had just started to regroup after spending a few days, crying, eating, talking about Nemo, crying some more, when....


Literally.  5 days after losing Nemo, 7 days after buying a brand new car, Brandon decides to take the boys to the park. Within 5 minutes I get a phone call asking me to come to the stop sign and get Finn. I assume the boys are fighting and that Finn is getting booted from the car. But I can't find the car. I go to one stop sign, then walk to the next stop sign, and finally start to head down the hill to the last stop sign I can think of, when I see lights. Flashing blue and red lights. My heart drops and I start to run.

I am greeted with the sight of our brand new car smashed on one side, windows broken, and my husband standing next to it looking dazed. He points to a house and I run in and find my three boys crying in the arms of strangers.  It was a rough night.  Thankfully, aside from sore muscles, everyone in my car walked away.  Not such good news for our car.

In one week, I lost my dog, I lost my car .... what's next?


Michelle said...

It was a terribly sad start to November. Here's hoping it is on an upswing to good happy times!

Lisa said...

Nemo was a great dog! I miss him too! And the pictures of your totaled car still get me. I'm so glad Brandon and the boys were ok!