Sunday, October 16, 2011

Going to the Country

Today was our annual trek to the country to hunt down our pumpkins. We stumbled across this little family farm 5 years ago and we have returned to it ever since.  Part of our desire to make the journey to a pumpkin farm is to escape the city for a day. Breathe in the crisp, clean, air.  Walk away from crowds and chaos.  The first year it was magical. We had a 19 month old and I was pregnant with our second. It was a sunny day, Jack was just adorable, and we loved every minute of it. It was also a Friday, which may have contributed to the feeling of escaping it all.

Last year when we went, it was a sunny Saturday and the place was chaos. We saw the line for buying the pumpkins and we turned around and left. There was no way our kids would wait that long for a pumpkin. This year we decided to go late on an overcast Sunday.  We were so sure it would be less crowded and we would have the farm to ourselves.

Not so.  It was just as crowded.  We did stick it out this year, ate our doughnuts, took our pictures, and came home with our pumpkins.

 Next year I am going to Safeway.

Christmas picture, maybe? I'm sure I can photoshop the finger out.


Stephanie said...

Super cute family photo!

Our local pumpkin patch is always CRAZY on the weekends, no matter what the weather. So, we just go during the week even if it means missing some of the weekend events.

Anonymous said...

We discovered going on a Monday meant we almost had our local place to ourselves, I highly recommend trying that next year.