Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Didn't Cry

I didn't cry as we walked into school today and Jack slipped his hand in mine.

I didn't cry when I saw his desk with his name and the room where he will spend most of his day.

I didn't cry when the teacher asked for kids who were willing to share their name and Jack raised his hand.

I didn't cry when The Kissing Hand was being read.

I didn't cry as Jack claimed a locker for his very own.

I almost cried when I realized the boys Jack thought he was playing with were really chasing him away and wanted nothing to do with him.

I cried when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Jack's face reflected back at me. "I will miss you" I said to him and he smiled.

That's when I cried.


Kristin said...

And now I'm crying...
Is the kissing hand read to all kindergartners? I honestly think it is what got Tay through days 1 & 2!
You can do it friend...

Mandy said...

Yeah, just reading your post Im practically crying! So crazy that he's alread in kindergarten!! And I've never heard of the kissing hand- I'll have to check that out.

Michelle said...

I hate the first day of school the most! You can do it! And thanks, I had remained tearless as I saw L off to school, but reading yours has made me cry. I need a kissing hand of my own right now!

Jenny said...

You almost made ME cry and I don't even have kids!!