Monday, July 12, 2010

THOSE People

Just in case you were wondering what type of people we are.

This is what is sitting on our front lawn. Has been for at least 3 weeks, put there by us - of course!

Complete with bird droppings.

This is the shade we are using in our baby's room. Even though we have one that fits the window and matches the bedding. This was easier.

This is the sign my 5 year old son has hanging above his bed. He found it and was so excited that he found tape and hung it up all by himself!

In case you needed a closer view.

And this is what I found on our front yard this morning.

Yep, we are those kind of people. The kind of people who like to leave non-working bathroom items on the lawn, use cut-up cardboard boxes and tape for shades, have risque bumper stickers, and have the ever lovely pink plastic flamingo yard decorations.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Awesome! You can take the girl out of Arlington...but never quite get all the dirt off her romeos.