Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today's Dilemma

Have you ever had one of those days when the clothes in your closet seem to be in anarchy against you? On my way to Bellevue today I was talking on the phone to my sister, illegally of course, and we shared a brief moment of commiserating over how today's clothes choices were just not good. I told her from the moment I put on my outfit this morning I knew it was wrong. She laughed and said, that if you wear it you go through the day feeling bad because you do not like the way you look. I said, yes, but I am still wearing it.

What could be wrong with a t-shirt, capris, and light weight, white, sweatshirt. Sounds good, all looks good on the bed, but something about when I put it on wasn't right. Could be that since having my 3rd baby (and yes that was a year ago) crew neck t-shirts just do not look right. They seem to highlight too many round places but do not have the benefit of a v-neck. At least with a v-neck I can pretend there might be some distractability with the skin that is showing. With a crew neck, nothing. But we are going camping this weekend, I already have baskets of clothes waiting to be washed, and I knew this was an outfit I wasn't planning on packing. To change clothes seemed silly.

So off I went. It didn't help that I stopped at the Whole Foods in Bellevue to pick up one item. Whole Foods shopping is stressful enough, going to the one in Bellevue takes it to a whole different level. Everyone there seems to be getting out of an SUV of some sort, in 7 jeans, with big sunglasses pushed in their hair. I felt even less positive about my outfit after that.

On the way home eating lunch in the car, I accidentally spilled some on myself. Oh, no, now my shirt is dirty. I guess I am going to have to change when I get home. That is too bad. I had one more errand to run, a trip into Target for some camping supplies. Darn those Target people, before I could get to the camping gear, I had to walk by the clothes. And well, there was a sale, and I hate my clothes, so I had to buy some new tank tops. White ones of course. How this will help my t-shirt issue, I couldn't figure out but felt that some new white tank tops would be the answer.

After I got home I put on a new tank top, a v-neck shirt. Oh, good, I think this works. Then I look in a mirror. Nope, not with the capris. Not good at all. I think I can wear this while I am at home but I will have to change before I go to a meeting tonight. Can't be seen wearing this. Actually, I can't even step out of my bedroom wearing this. Try on a pair of jeans instead. I figure I can roll up the bottoms, like capris. I am sure I have seen people do this who are hip. I am sure I can do it too. This time I actually make it out of the bedroom, but when I walk by the only full length mirror in the house, I realize not good at all. These pants can not be rolled up like capris, that look does not work.

Now what. I actually have a skirt my husband bought me for my birthday. He loves it. I am sure I would too if I exercised at all and was as fit as he was. As it is, it is another of my "at home" outfits. But I could wear it until this evening, no problem. Once I thought of a skirt, I remembered my go-to denim skirt. Bought it at the Gap too many years ago to mention.

Denim skirt on, new tank top, check; v-neck shirt, good. I am finally happy with my outfit. What a relief. I go outside to get my son who is so helpful and is watering his bike.
Wait, it is hot outside? When did it get hot? I can't wear this shirt, it has 3/4 sleeves, I am going to sweat. I will be too hot! UGH! What should I do???

Well, obviously, blog about it. A 4th outfit of the day seems extreme, even to me!

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Michelle said...

Did you accidentally spill food on your clothes like we used to accidentally spill hot cocoa on our nightgowns, just so we could change into one of Grandma D's nightgowns? I hear ya! Sorry you had one of those bad clothes days!