Friday, March 5, 2010

A Pocket Full of Kryptonite

Okay, this post really isn't about pockets, or kryptonite, or even superman - well, not really. It is about boys though, specifically a van full of boys. Which as I was driving and creating this post (before I ran over some guys bike rim) I was thinking of a title that would fit and well that is what I landed on.

The point of this post is that today I had a brief glimpse into the rest of my life. Driving my awesome mini-van that was full of boys and listening to them talk.

"You are a stinky boy"
"No, you are a slinky boy"
"No, you are a doggie boy"
"No, you are a dirty doggie boy"

And so on and so on. Each statement of course followed by hysterical laughing. My two older boys, their friend that was over, and even the baby getting in on the action. I tried to hold on to each statement to remember, but they got slightly more silly and the boys were laughing so hard I could not even understand what they were saying.

I was just sitting in the front of the van thinking, "Is this what girls do on playdates?" I'm not sure, and won't ever really know (my childhood is fuzzy but I don't remember quite this type of play). Part of me was smiling at the total hilarity being provided by each others comments, another part was shuddering at the realization that this is it. This is my life. Driving my super van, full of silly boys, laughing and yelling. It isn't that I am desperate for a daughter, I am just adjusting to a life full of boys. Busy, active, crazy, fun, silly, determined, loving, sweet, boys.

As Jon and Kate used to say: It might be a crazy life, but it is my life.


Alisha said...

Love it! I think I'd rather have boys who talk like that than girls who talk about liking boys and what they like to wear and such.

Michelle said...

D has made me laugh from the first day of his life. When we were in the hospital room and the Simpsons came on, I kid you not, his little body did a wiggle dance like it used to in the womb. He knew that theme song! I've been laughing with him ever since.