Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Uh-Oh, Micah!

We just went to the doctor today for an injury. Micah fell about 3 weeks ago and scratched up his hand. The observant parents we are, we just realized this weekend that it looked like there was something still in the wound. It had healed and the skin had grown over the wound but it was hard and black. So, off to the doctor we go. It was determined that, yes, there was something there, what it is no one is sure, and it isn't infected, so best course it to leave it alone.

Hmm, this reminds me of the tongue episode. Tongue bit nearly off, nope, nothing they will do. That is okay because I do not relish cutting into my child, or trying to stitch a tongue, but I am beginning to think that maybe Micah and doctors are not a good mix. It doesn't seem to matter what he does, he is just fine, no treatment needed.

That is good, since tonight, right before bed he climbs up onto a little red wagon, falls, hits his face on the trunk and cuts his cheek. By the time we get upstairs he is bleeding again.  Put a little band-aid on his face and call it done.  
Boy or girl, please let this next one be a quiet, calm, cautious, baby. I'm not sure I can handle another fearless baby boy!

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Michelle said...

He is a rough and tumble kind of guy...maybe he'll be wicked into rugby!