Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10 Reasons to Finish our Downstairs Bathroom

10. We have all the materials already.
9. It has a nice linen closet where I could finally unpack my towels.
8. There are definite times having a second bathroom would be handy (especially with a just potty trained 3 year old).
7. It has become a catch all room for my husband. Even found his clothes in there last week
6. When the shower backs up into the tub, we don't know, because we never go in the bathroom!
5. I can stop showing guests the horror that is the bathroom.
4. It has a real medicine cabinet where I can store all the kids medicine, no more accidental overdoses!
3. No more running upstairs every time someone has to go!
2. Oh, to give baths to my boys again!
1. So my neighbors won't see me outside helping my three year old pee on tree. (Didn't want to wake the baby by using the upstairs bathroom!)


Michelle said...

I would love to not sneak up your squeaky stairs during nap time......And as a girl, there is no outside tree peeing for me!

Karen said...

Another reason: middle aged parents with bad knees dragging themselves up those stairs - PLUS checking to see if your bed is made!

Please, please, please save our knees!