Monday, September 22, 2008

"It Won't Stop Moving!"

I hear this from my 3-year old as he comes walking into the bedroom. 

"What won't stop moving?" I ask, a little afraid of the answer.

"My arm, it won't stop moving" I realize he is trying to take his shirt off and when he pulls on the sleeve, he doesn't understand to bend his elbow to pull his arm through. The arm just keeps moving and he can't get his shirt off.

"What are you doing" I ask him.

"I picked out my own clothes" he tells me.

This is a first and is sure to be very interesting. Most mornings it is a total battle to get him dressed and out of his jammies. To avoid a fight he will most often get to wear 'comfy' pants as he is at least willing to get dressed then. I am excited he was willing to get dressed and even picked out his clothes. With nervous trepidation, I went into his room to see his outfit for the day. I wanted to honor what he chose to encourage this step in independence.

Which is why left the house dressed like this:
It could have been worse, way worse!


Karen said...

He is growing up way too fast! Wait until you take him shopping for school clothes - If he says he hates it, DON'T I repeat DON'T buy it thinking that you can ever get him to wear it!

Alisha said...

I love it! And you're right, I'm sure it could be much worse. Hey, whatever helps the morning go smoother, right?

Michelle said...

L's first picking out of clothes was was all of her brothers things. I let her and it's been all down hill from there!!