Friday, March 7, 2008

The List

We finally moved. Actually, we moved 2 weeks ago but I didn't have Internet access until this week. As my friends and family know, the last few weeks before moving was rather intense. Once we set the moving date - for the 3rd time - we decided no matter what we were moving. We rented a UHaul, asked people for help, and made plans for our 3 year old. Nothing was going to stop us from moving.

When we decided we were moving for sure, we sat down and made a list of all the things that HAD to be done to be able to move in. This isn't the list of all the things to do to fix the house. This was just what would make it livable. We wrote this list and then sent our two boys on a 2-night sleep over so that we could get everything, or almost everything done. I knew my husband could not do it all on his own so at 8:30 on a Friday night we started hanging drywall, and did not stop working until 4:00 pm on Sunday when the boys came home. We crossed many things off of our list that weekend, the most exciting probably was the toilet. We had not had a working sink or toilet in the house since December. The saddest thing to NOT get crossed off the list was a sink downstairs. I was fine having a completely gutted downstairs bathroom, and even a kitchen without cabinets. But I had really wanted to have a sink downstairs somewhere. That did not happen. We moved in with only a small bathroom sink upstairs but only had to live that way for three days. Not too bad.

The list is still hanging on the wall where we taped it when we arrived Friday night. I know we can take it down and that even though it is not completely finished we are living here and doing alright. But still it hangs. It reminds me of what my husband and I set out to do and what we worked so hard for. We did it, we are in our new house, together once again.

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