Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grandma, Michelle wants to know....

This is how most questions to my Grandma D began. "Uh, Grandma, Michelle wants to know if we could watch TV?" or "Grandma, AmyKris wants to know if we can have a snack". My sister and I never wanted to be the one to actually ask so we would pretend the inquiry was really from the other sister. Any time I wanted to know something I would say "Michelle was wondering" and vice-versa. We laugh about this now as adults, because why could we not just say to our Grandma "I was wondering if I could stay up late and watch a scary movie". Truth be told our Grandma did not care what we did or ate. We watched our first soap opera at her house and survived on mostly chips and candy when we stayed over.

I was reminded of this relationship I have with my sister when I called today to schedule a tattoo. Not for me, I am done, but for my sister. She has two more she would like and since I am the one that is 'braver', I have to make the call. As I am getting the details from her about what kind of tattoo she wants so I can sound like I know what I am getting when I make the appointment, I tell her this makes my stomach hurt. She laughs and says, she is glad I am the one calling the place. But then she says: "you make the tattoo appointments (yes there will be more) she will make the uncomfortable Carlson family phone calls". At which point, I readily agree. I would much rather make the reservations every year for Seaside, call the tattoo shop and pretend to schedule an appointment for myself, if she will call our Aunt to find out where Christmas is this year.

I guess some things never change. At 32 and 34 years of age we are still saying " Uh, Grandma Michelle wants to know..."

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Michelle said...

OMG! I never realized we still do that, but I should. When I call our Aunt, I say "AmyKris and I were wondering...."

Some things will never change!